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In the winter months of 2022, six artists traveled to an old family house in the remote village of Spain, Visalibons, to create space for reflection, dialogue and research into what it means to be an artist. This residency period was called HIBERNATION, after which we named our collective upon our return home.

HIBERNATION was a much needed attempt to break with internalized values of professionalism and seriousness. We used our naivety to speculate about the art world, and what we would want it to look like. During our stay we collectively worked on a zine, built a blanket fort for the recording of podcasts, slept, ate, danced, and dived into our personal curiosities.


Anne Schoemaker is a visual artist living and working in the Netherlands. She constructs non-linear narratives through film and photography. She conducts research into the relation between time, space and memories, and the role these aspects play in the formation and perception of a story.

“I have a deep-seated trust in the ability of artistic processes to generate real and meaningful interactions between people, matter, work and life. My process often begins with an interest in the layered history of buildings, and the visible features of stratification. During these investigations, I meet people that inspire to create new works.”
She: Noor,

Devoured by envy,
Troubled by the unevenness of time.
The warmth of her mother’s breast...
Has been a devouring monster.
So cold-bloodedness becomes her fleshly justice: To be again of the world.
Not a family,
But a porous polyphony of matters.

Anna de Vriend is a research-based artist working and living in the Netherlands. Together with the non-human animals in her life and her conceptual persona 'The Sheep Lady' she creates installations and performances.

As a child, I had a herd of useless sheep, if I hadn’t adopted them they would’ve been killed by practical sheep farmers. Since I can remember I struggle with embodying an inevitable position of power over non-humans. The sheep lady helps me take responsibility for this. Together we discover spaces such as the slaughterhouse or the zoo which reveal a lot about the systems human animals use to keep non-human animals as Other as possible. Something that is prevalent in everyday life but not always tangible.

Jade Mulcahy

I'm a nonbinary visual artist, aerialist, and cook who works with indigenous foods from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I'm looking to discover and interact with anything and everything around me. I lost some touch with my ability to create, strained like a long distance relationship. Hibernation is for that re-discovery of all that is creative and tangible. My artistic identity is still forming, taking shape, changed by each new experience. I look towards people, animals, dreams, the thoughts passing by in my head, and the lands around me for inspiration.
I'm here to feed love and connection with art, myself, and other humans.

Kovac is a visual and sound artist. Their work is a constant exploration and combination of any discipline that expresses their wide vision. Leaving the importance of a technique behind, they combine digital and fine arts, poetry, performance and sound production. Her work is versatile and tends to explore identity as such - gender and location non-conforming.
My creation is based on confused determination, it loops similar patterns/visual installations. As much as I made myself into a visual artist, my creation still doesn’t recognize consistency, and so I was reborn twice. I worked with paint, then poetry, typewriter beats, inner characters that wanted to be embedded into sound. I thrive on vulnerable art - so above the dark, my expression shows naiveness.

Above all I am a poet, knitting dreams into non-dreams, blurred
and noisy reality,
leaving behind technique, and lazy reality.

Margarita lives with Kai and Anna. She grew up in Spain and moved to the Netherlands when she was about two years old. After living with various human animals over the years she met Anna and came in contact with Kai who she decided to spend her life with. Now she spends her days sleeping in the sun , running with her friends and battling some childhood traumas.


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The HIBERNATION residency took place from January till the end of March and was made possible by:

Stroomversneller Arnhem
Iona Stichting
Gilles Hondius Foundation
Stichting Gerbrandy Cultuurfonds

And all the people that donated through our Voor De Kunst campaign. Thank you for your support!!