HIBERNATION absorbs stories, complaints, shouts, whispers and thoughts in our cold embrace, we can be your fridge mothers, your winter cave, your seasonal depression disorder, your struggling companions. We’re here to re-examine our and your education under a large institute, to reframe the capitalist values and hyper-individual image connected to contemporary artist hood, and to catch you in our web of collective research and story-sharing.
The HIBERNATION inbox ︎︎︎is always open for your story, we’ll shout into the void with you, make a zine about it, cook some dinner together. We’ll learn from each other, explore internalized views on productivity, autonomy and success outside of institutional frameworks.

Take a look at our calendar to see if we’re up to some trouble-making and come join us!


November 3 en 17
December 1 & 15
De Rozet, Arnhem
19:30 - 21-30

Een serie lees- en praatavonden gebaseerd rond het boek ‘Complaint!’ van feministische schrijver Sara Ahmed.

entree: gratis
voertaal: Nederlands 
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Start of zine and research project 'To Know is To Choose'.
Are you teaching at an art school and might have some interesting insights and thoughts about the power dynamics in your position? We'd love to hear about it! (All information shared will be held confidential and anonymous.)